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1937 L37 Oldsmobile Convertible Coupe

This edition features the beautiful 1937 L37 Oldsmobile Convertible Coupe lovingly restored and owned by Geoff and Mindi Pugh.
Nineteen thirty-seven was an interesting year in American history. The Hindenburg exploded while landing at Lakehurst, New Jersey, Amelia Earhart was lost - many thought shot down while spying on the Japanese - and Jean Harrow died at age 26. The Golden Gate Bridge opened in San Francisco, and Oldsmobile introduced the four speed safety semi-automatic transmission, an option costing $100.

The 1937 inline-8 Oldsmobile L37 was the top of the line, and the 257-ci engine was rated at 110 horsepower and rode on a 124 inch wheelbase. Restyling for 1937 featured all steel bodies for the first time and were offered with six and eight cylinder engines. The six cylinder version sported a horizontal bar theme at the front while the eight cylinder models had a cast grille with what appeared to be an intricate mesh grille.

1937 was an excellent year for Oldsmobile, with calendar-year production totaling 212,767 units. It is the same “C” body style shared by Buick and Pontiac, longer, lower and wider than the previous years model. There were only 95 of this convertible version made featuring dual sidemount spare tires and the rumble seat options together. This car originally sold new in Bakersfield for about $1,100.00, a tidy sum in those days. The Pughs replaced the original 237 flathead engine with a 350 V8, drum brakes updated to disks, the interior was re-upolstered and just recently the exterior was painted. In addition to being a multiple trophy winner, this head turner doubles as an occasional daily driver.

In 1897, Ransom E. Olds is credited with the first production automobile, making Oldsmobile the second oldest nameplate in America, behind Studebaker. Success often comes with change, and in 1904, Ransom Olds stepped aside from the company he pioneered to start a second venture in the automobile world called Reo - using his initials R.E.O. (That company built cars through 1936. Oldsmobile was purchased by General Motors in 1909, and was the oldest surviving American car company when it was killed by GM in 2004.)


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