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1967 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

1967 Chevy Camaro Z/28

Feeling the pressure from the increasing popular Ford Mustang, the Camaro Z/28 was designed to beat the Mustang, which it did. In Detroit's very competitive environment, the timing and venue couldn't have been better. "We had reasons to believe," recalls Chevrolet Chassis Engineer Paul King, "that the Camaro would be very competitive and that sales advantage would be worth the cost of development."

The Z/28 was released to the press for first driving impressions at Riverside Raceway in November 1966. Chevrolet hyped the new Camaro by saying, "The Z/28 package was developed to make the Camaro an exceptional touring machine, having relatively light weight, a smaller but highly responsive 302 cid V-8 engine with manual four-speed transmission, and suspension refinements that result in excellent stability and handling characteristics."

Production of the 1967 Z/28 ramped up slowly, beginning on December 29, 1966. Initial sales got off to a slow start due to a complete lack of marketing support from Chevrolet. Many auto dealers had no idea what a Z/28 was, and they weren’t pushed by sales managers. Those who wanted to go sedan racing knew what Z/28 stood for, though, and found a dealer who would order one for them. While 1967 produced only 602 car sales, 1968 increased to 7199 and 1969 soared to 19,014 units partially due to the new rear facing “Cowl Induction” hood air intake, six inch wide rims with E70 tires and four bolt main bearings.

The base price was approximately $5000.00 delivered, the Z/28 package was an additional $328.10, and included the 302 cid engine, 3.73.1 rear axle, dual exhausts, and 15x6 stamped steel wheels on 7.35x15 nylon redline tires. Heavy-duty suspension, heavy-duty radiator, and special wide stripes were also part of the package. There were three additional Z/28 packages, all built upon the base option. The Z/282 option cost $437.10, and included the Z/28 package plus a cowl-induction plenum/air-cleaner assembly, delivered loose in the trunk to be installed by the dealer. The Z/283 package for $779.40 added a set of exhaust headers, and was also delivered loose for dealer installation. The Z/284 included all the of above packages, for $858.40. A four-speed manual gearbox was a mandatory option, and was available in close- or wide-ratio configurations. Power-assisted front disc brakes with rear drum brakes were another mandatory option.

The availability of “off the shelf” do it yourself modification parts also helped boost the Camaro’s popularity. For a few hundred dollars and a weekend of work, the look and performance could be modified/personalized to suit almost anyone. The Z28 became know for it’s lightening fast performance and race track handling prowess further boosting it’s popularity.

In spite of being 42 years old, their classic look and design has really held it’s own and remain quite popular today. If you want to buy a Z28 in today's market, one in good condition will run you around $35,000.00. At the 2008 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ, a beautiful white with black striped Z28 sold for $99,000.00! Not bad for a 42 year old car that originally sold for $5,000.00.


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